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How it Works

When a customer sends a message to a Facebook Business Page you linked, expressmango bridges it to a Facebook Messenger account of your choosing


Live Chat

Earn Instantly response badge on facebook by assisting you to reply customer messages as it arrives


Since the messages will appear on Facebook Messenger, you can respond anytime, anywhere


The bridged messages are sent with your business's logo, allowing you to keep your privacy in Messenger

Easy to Use

Create an account and link your Facebook Business Page(s) in minutes. No apps other than Messenger is required

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Multi-user display is here! Intelligent management of multiple clients and chat sessions feature is now available.

Coming soon version 3.0 AI - customer can book appointments with you using NLP. Sign up now - early birds get free upgrade!

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Nope. You can simply use the existing Facebook Messenger App on your phone or desktop computer.
You can receive and reply to messages from any customer who have messaged to your page.
Expressmango optimizes your customer support experience by freeing your time on selecting the customer by automatically selecting the most recently called customer for your next reply.

To reply to a different customer, you can select the customer by selecting the customer from the "Go to Inbox" menu
Multi-user function is here The Messenger page displays all events in timeline. You can switch messaging to a different user from the Menu. View all the messages sent recieved from the "View History Log".
The customer's name is displayed the moment the first message is recieved.
The menu displays the current user menu Reply
Yes. You can continue to make use of facebook or other third party messaging apps in conjunction with expressmango on receiving alerts from your all-in-one Messenger app.
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expressmango is currently being used by various small businesses worldwide serving over 9000 and growing fast. Sign up now - take a test drive and join many of our list of happy businesses

Some examples of current users include:
Online clothing shops, mobile phone service businesses, arts and crafts shops, food and hospitality , travel services, churches, writers, lawyers, auto shops....
Less than a few minutes. Just create an account online and it will guide your through the process to sign up.
Once activated, all of your Facebook Business Page Messages can be recieved using Facebook Messenger.
Absolutely. Since we only "bridge" messages, your account will remain undisturbed.
We will not have access to your account or personal data.
You will still have complete control over your Facebook Page(s) and personal account(s).
Yes. We are constantly striving to develop expressmango.
We are aiming to make the communication process easier and quicker.
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We will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with our product. We built expressmango for this very purpose - to promote customer care.

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